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At Brown&Berry we strongly believe in the use of natural leather to create all of our products.

Leather in handbag manufacturing has always been synonymous of high quality luxury products.  Not only do real leather bags have a significantly longer life span than that of fake leather or bonded leather, but the use of organic leather also solves the related problem with waste pollution. 


Leather is a byproduct in the process of meat production, where in this chain it is a leftover substance. If the leather was not used it would require energy to burn it and consequently produce environmental pollution. By using this leather we intervene and transform this waste into a sustainable and recyclable product.


Furthermore, there are many ethical issues regarding the manufacturing of fake and bonded leather handbags. These bags are commonly created using harmful oil-based chemicals for example polyurethane, a type of plastic. It is important to note they have short lifespans and are non recyclable. Not only are many toxic chemicals released in the production of these bags, but also in their burning after usage as these chemicals are damaging to the environment through their contribution to greenhouse gases and global warming.


Brown&Berry feel it is important to offer to our customers real leather products, not only as material which has been used for centuries to ensure a long lifespan of high quality bags, but also as a way to approach fashion with ethical value. In respect of these values all of our handbag collection is manufactured in Italy.

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Brown&Berry is a leading British fashion company that design and manufacture quality handbags and accessories. Emblematic of the highest standard of quality, every piece is created in England and handmade in Italy using the finest materials.

Every bag is individually handcrafted and sewn by small teams of Artisans whose expertise and experience is unsurpassed. Brown&Berry oversee every part of the operation to ensure that the workmanship and stitching meet our stringently  high standards.


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