Discover how a Brown & Berry handbag is made

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Our handbags, are completely made by hand, without any use of industrial machinery, except for a simple sewing machine, which is mostly used for the fine finishing of the product. Everything else is in the hands of our skilled Italian artisans, who bring to their profession the utmost commitment and years of experience in order to produce a bag that is proudly Brown & Berry.

The first step in creating a handbag is entrusted to the DESIGNER, who has the task of designing the new model, taking inspiration from the latest trends, from the colors and styles that are at the cutting edge of fashion

After having prepared the model, we move on one of the most important moments of the production process: the making of a prototype of the bag in cardboard, entrusted to a specialist PATTERN MAKER, who works from the drawings and transfers the ideas on to paper to create an actual  model of the bag. 

Once the cardboard model of the bag is perfected, it is time to prepare the leather, from which to shape our final product. Here we meet another very important professional figure: the LEATHER CUTTER, who skillfully cuts the leather needed for each bag and prepares it for stitching. This is a very intricate and precise task and needs a wealth of experience of leather working.

Once the skin has been skillfully cut, the next stage is the stitching of the handbag. The artisan who takes care of this part of the production is called the BANCONISTA, which can be translated as the assembler. He must be an experienced Master Leather Craftsman, having to put together the bag, recreating the paper model from actual leather. The leather is either hand-stitched or stitched with the simplest of sewing machines, which allow finer, straighter and tougher sewing of the more difficult parts. It is very intricate work and must be carried out with meticulous care and attention. 

Last  step of the production is the finishing of the handbag. Before this stage the bag has been stitched, but not completed and still looks quite different from the finished product. It lacks all the important details, such as buckles and zips, and the leather itself is still unfinished. The bag's appearance is still impersonal and anonymous. During the FINISHING process the handbag is carefully examined, perfected and all the final accessories and hardware are added.

A genuine luxury Brown & Berry  handbag can only be produced when the following conditions come together:

excellent quality materials;

a top quality workforce;

rigorous quality control in every stage of the production.

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Brown&Berry is a leading British fashion company that design and manufacture quality handbags and accessories. Emblematic of the highest standard of quality, every piece is created in England and handmade in Italy using the finest materials.

Every bag is individually handcrafted and sewn by small teams of Artisans whose expertise and experience is unsurpassed. Brown&Berry oversee every part of the operation to ensure that the workmanship and stitching meet our stringently  high standards.


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