The New Brown & Berry "INDIA". A truly exotic experience

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Brown&Berry is pleased to present the new “INDIA” tote as part of our new S/S15 collection. Luxury without compromise, this bag is a timeless piece in our new collection which features the particularly distinct real bamboo handles. “INDIA” has been designed by Karen Morgan, Brown&Berry’s co-founder.​

“When I was through Tuscany, I was inspired by the beauty of the bamboo used by farmers to support the growth of the tomatoes in their vegetable gardens and I wanted to bring this natural beauty into our new collection.” Karen said; when she began to realise her idea, she also discovered that in the past the Italian women used to have typical shopper bags with bamboo handles. 


Brown&Berry has created a beautiful fusion between the two natural worlds of leather and wood. “INDIA” combines a luxury and exotic look. The genuine extra soft leather is tanned through the work of Italian artisans and has not been interrupted for centuries, which gives this bag a delicate soft touch. To emphasise the opulence of the bag, Brown&Berry has decided to fully line the interior in genuine leather, a prerogative of very few handbags on the market. To increase the exotic look of “INDIA” we have designed a classic central twist lock with a specially inserted bamboo part. 


Furthermore, the process to curve the bamboo for the handles is a technique traditionally used in the asian culture; in fact Karen said “ The name “INDIA” was influenced by my first experience when visiting the country and seeing the use of bamboo as a natural material in the construction of a small suspension bridge.” 

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Every bag is individually handcrafted and sewn by small teams of Artisans whose expertise and experience is unsurpassed. Brown&Berry oversee every part of the operation to ensure that the workmanship and stitching meet our stringently  high standards.


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